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Could you be a volunteer for LawCare? Full training will be given for all roles. Hear more from our volunteers on our Volunteer stories page. 
Belfast Vols

Helpline Volunteers

We are not currently looking for new helpline volunteers.

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Peer Supporters

Peer Supporters provide ongoing one-to-one support to support service users referred to them by LawCare staff.  Peer supporters will usually only be helping one person at a time, sometimes over a period of several months, and may share their own experience of overcoming issues in their personal or professional life. 

We are looking for peer supporters from all backgrounds who currently are or have worked in the legal sector.

We are particularly looking for peer supporters who have personal experience of going through the disciplinary process, either with their employer or the regulator.  Disciplinary proceedings can be especially stressful and taxing and we hope to put together a cohort of trained peer supporters with this particular specialism. 

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Online Chat Volunteers

Online chat volunteers take a regular three-hour weekday shift answering online chats on their own computer or laptop. LawCare's online chat service is relatively new and we are still building the channel. At present it's common for a shift to pass with no online chats at all. For this reason this voluntary role is ideally suited to someone who plans to undertake their normal work at their computer during the shift but would be able to focus on an online chat if necessary. As with all LawCare volunteer roles it is a requirement that you work or have worked in legal practice, although you need not be practising currently.

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