Funding therapy for people in the legal sector 

For people facing challenges including mental health concerns, in appropriate circumstances, therapy can make a huge difference.  If you work in the legal sector and your financial situation does not cover the cost of professional therapy, LawCare’s limited fund may be able to help if you are unable to access it elsewhere.

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A single session of therapy

Occasionally talking though an issue with the LawCare helpline isn't sufficient to resolve the problem and further professional support is needed. In these situations LawCare may suggest that you consider speaking to a specialist counsellor for a particularly focussed session of counselling with the aim of examining the problem and establishing a plan to help you start to tackle the issues in just one session. 

This service is offered by external counsellors and costs range between £60 and £110. If financial circumstances would prevent you from being able to access this, LawCare can sometimes cover the cost of this session. 

If you would like to know more about single session therapy please email [email protected].

LawCare may fund counselling support up to a threshold of £500, limited to one application per contact.  Members of the legal professions and support staff in any of the jurisdictions covered by LawCare may apply.

A short course of counselling

In some cases six to ten sessions of counselling would be beneficial, and LawCare can give guidance on how to access this. Learn more about the different types of counselling available here.

Counselling costs between £50 and £100 per session. If you believe you would benefit from therapeutic support via counselling or therapy but your financial circumstances make the cost difficult to meet please contact LawCare in total confidence for further information about our Additional Support Fund.

Please note that this fund is not intended for those with chronic conditions such as substance dependency or mental illness where support is already being provided by health and/or social care agencies, or where inpatient treatment is needed. It is also not suitable for those whose issues may be more deep-seated or complex and require ongoing counselling lasting several months or even years.

To be considered for the fund you will need to speak with a member of the LawCare team and complete a short form relating to your personal financial circumstances. We may also ask you to confirm with your medical team that a short course of counselling is appropriate for you at this time. To find out if you might be eligible please email [email protected] for further details. 

Finding affordable counselling

We also have some suggestions about how to find affordable counselling. 

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