LawCare Volunteer Agreement


LawCare couldn’t continue to do its vital work in helping legal professionals across the UK without our volunteers. We will do the best we can to make your volunteer experience with us enjoyable and rewarding. This Volunteer Agreement describes the relationship between LawCare and you, the volunteer.

Appointment, Termination, and Resignation

All newly appointed helpline volunteers, online chat volunteers and peer supporters will have a six-month probationary period.  After this, you may then serve as a volunteer for three consecutive years (a term). Your position as a volunteer may be renewed for further terms at our discretion and refresher training may be expected.

We recognise that volunteering is a big commitment, and that your circumstances may change. If you wish to resign from being a volunteer, please do so with as much notice as possible by writing to the Support Services Manager.

We may request at any time that a volunteer stand down from volunteering or take a break during a term if we consider that the role is no longer suitable or if you have been unable to participate in required training. In these circumstances we will support you to take the steps needed to resume volunteering with us if you wish to. 

Induction and Training

We will provide a thorough induction outlining the work of LawCare, our staff, your volunteering role, and the training you need to meet the responsibilities of this role. Volunteers may start their role only after they have attended the required training. There will be further training at least annually which you may be required to attend to support your ongoing volunteering role with us.

Supervision and Support

LawCare strives to do its best to help you develop your volunteering role with us. We will explain the standards we expect for our services and encourage and support you to achieve and maintain them.

In order to maintain the service standards and integrity expected we require all helpline volunteers and online chat volunteers to attend a minimum of three supervision sessions each year, spread throughout the year. Peer supporters who are actively supporting callers are also encouraged to attend.

Your wellbeing is important to us. You are encouraged to speak to a member of the Support Services Team if you have any wellbeing concerns. In addition to supervision, we also provide confidential telephone counselling 24 hours a day provided by Care First, who can be contacted at any time.


Expenses that have been incurred in connection with LawCare volunteer duties and are in accordance with our expenses policy will be reimbursed.


LawCare provides liability cover for volunteers whilst carrying out their volunteering roles which have been approved and authorised by us.


LawCare expects a volunteer to:

  1. treat all information received in your role as a LawCare volunteer in strict confidence, with regard to both the nature of the problem and the identity of the contact.
  2. maintain appropriate boundaries with service users, limiting contact to telephone or online support, and informing LawCare if boundaries are being overstepped by the service user
  3. uphold and support the philosophy and policies of LawCare
  4. meet the time commitments and standards which have been mutually agreed and give reasonable advance notice so other arrangements can be made when this is not possible
  5. fulfil the role description in the volunteer handbook.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

LawCare is committed to equality, inclusion and diversity. We strive to ensure that everyone regardless of any protected characteristic are treated fairly and given equal respect and opportunity either in terms of employment or voluntary role opportunity, or as a service user or stakeholder. We want our staff and volunteers to be truly representative of the community we serve.  By effectively implementing our equality, diversity and inclusion policy (attached) we aim to attract and retain talented staff and volunteers and create a positive working environment for all.


We’re very grateful to you for your commitment, time, and enthusiasm. We love being part of a team of people who are passionate about wellbeing in the legal profession and are willing to share their insights and experiences with others. We are happy to have you on that team.

Legal Disclaimer

Both LawCare and the volunteer understand that this agreement is binding in honour only, does not constitute a legally binding contract, and that there is no intention of establishing an employment relationship or other worker relationship either now or at any time in the future.


I have read the LawCare Volunteer agreement and agree to abide by its contents.

I undertake to keep confidential all information I may receive about individuals seeking help from LawCare, including securely sharing information with LawCare staff and destroying notes including sent emails.

I confirm that I have read LawCare’s policies, paying particular attention to the confidentiality policy and privacy notice, and will abide by them.

I confirm that I have read the information about GDPR and the lawful basis for retaining information included in the appendix to this agreement.

I agree that I will not use my position as a LawCare volunteer solely for the purposes of furthering my own career, either within law or in any other capacity (although I may include it as information on my CV or LinkedIn profile whilst active in my role).

I agree to my email address being shared with other LawCare volunteers in group emails, with the understanding that it will not be shared outside LawCare without my prior agreement.

Online Chat Volunteers and Helpline Volunteers

I understand that attendance at a minimum of three supervision sessions each year is mandatory and I agree to attend as required.

Peer Supporters

I understand that attendance at supervision sessions is beneficial and I will attend sessions as appropriate when I am supporting a caller.

Helpline Volunteers

I have read and understood the information included in the Important Information for Helpline Volunteers document.







Click here to download the full PDF version of this agreement.