Volunteer stories

We want to shine the spotlight on our amazing helpline volunteers, online chat volunteers and peer supporters this Volunteers' Week. 

All our volunteers have first-hand experience of working in the legal sector. 

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Why I volunteer

We all have a platform and have the choice of how we use it.  I have always been passionate about using my platform in a positive and meaningful way.  That is why I volunteer.

Before entering the legal profession, I volunteered as an Adviser at my local Citizens Advice Bureau.  That experience was one of the catalysts for wanting to continue my volunteering work when entering the legal profession.

I started volunteering as a Peer Supporter with LawCare in 2018.  Working with the outstanding team at LawCare has allowed me to give back and help those within the profession that need it. 

We all need help, whether it be from family, friends, or colleagues.  Sometimes, the help we want, and need, comes from someone who is detached from your lived experiences. 

Everyone deserves to know that they can reach out to someone to share how they feel and know that they can be supported no matter what their background.  LawCare provides everyone in our profession with that opportunity.

Whilst the legal profession is moving in the right direction, there is a long way to go before working practices, as well as the stigma surrounding mental health and its impact on us, are at the place they need to be.  

By Kunal Bhalla, LawCare volunteer and Restructuring & Insolvency Associate at TLT LLP

Kunal Bhalla

"More often than not, all people want to do is talk to a fellow professional who can relate to their problems. Talking is the first step."

Nick O'Neill, chambers director and LawCare volunteer

Volunteering for LawCare as a peer supporter

Solicitor and LawCare peer supporter Steve Clarke talks about the role he plays supporting legal professionals through volunteering for LawCare.

“It’s a privilege to work with such a dedicated team of volunteers, who offer their time and considerable expertise to support anyone working in the UK legal community. Our volunteers provide emotional support that is free, confidential and tailored to legal professionals. And, most importantly, they will listen to you, without judgement, because they understand the demands of working in the legal sector. We are extremely grateful for everything they do.”

Andy Darnton, LawCare's Support and volunteer coordinator

Why I volunteer for LawCare

Stuart Weedon, former solicitor, barrister and District Judge explains why he volunteers for LawCare as a peer supporter.

We're here to listen...without judgement

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