Online training: preventing bullying and harassment

This one hour training will be introduced by LawCare’s CEO Elizabeth Rimmer and facilitated by Focal Point Director Stella Chandler. 

The training is on Tuesday 4 June 2024, 12.30 to 1.30pm

Bullying - the word being looked up in the dictionary

There has been a 95% increase in the number of people saying that workplace bullying, harassment, or discrimination was their primary reason for seeking support from LawCare.

  • Why are we not making progress in tackling these issues?
  • What is stopping us creating workplaces where bullying and harassment simply do not happen?
  • How do we move from a punitive approach to one of prevention?

This is a unique opportunity to join other Managers, Partners and HR leads for an honest look at why these unacceptable behaviours persist and the challenges in preventing them.

With the worker protection act also coming into force this year, placing an increased responsibility on employers to prevent sexual harassment at work, we cannot leave this to chance.  

The interactive webinar will go beyond the general guidance of “having policies” and “implementing training” to equip you with specific ways to create a working environment that is free from bullying and harassment.

The training will be limited to 30 places so that we can create a confidential environment for candid discussion and exchange of ideas – and create a targeted action plan for all participants to take away.  

Key areas we will cover

  • What are the challenges in preventing bullying and harassing behaviour?
  • What can we do to remove these challenges?
  • What are the specific actions all organisations in the legal sector can take to create workplace cultures where bullying and harassment do not happen in the first place?
  • What are the “reasonable steps” the worker protection act demands?


Stella Chandler

Stella Chandler Director of Development at Focal Point - specialists in managing and preventing inappropriate behaviour at work.

Stella has worked as a trainer, facilitator and coach at every level in a wide range of organisations, including government departments, private sector and not-for-profit organisations. She draws from a wealth of experience including 15 years in the Metropolitan.

Police Service, where she was the first civilian HR and Training Manager, and 3 years in the Internal Conduct and Efficiency Branch investigating the full range of misconduct and  performance issues.

She has run Focal Point since 2001, specialising in helping organisations tackle inappropriate behaviour at work. www.focalpointtraining.com

She is a fellow of the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personal and Development).