London Legal Walk

The 2023 London Legal Walk took place on Tuesday 13 June. 

The LawCare team walked 10km to raise funds for LawCare and the London Legal Support Trust.  

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There's still time to sponsor LawCare 

There wasn't a red LawCare hoodie in sight when our team completed the 10k London Legal Walk in some extremely hot temperatures.

Please help us reach our £5000 target: 

🚶 We offer free, confidential emotional support, peer support, and resources to legal professionals in the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man.
🚶 We've been supporting legal professionals for over 25 years and during that time have spoken to over 10,000 people.
🚶 We promote mental health and wellbeing best practice in legal workplaces and drive culture change in education, training and practice.
🚶 Your donation will also raise money for the London Legal Support Trust

A huge thank you to our team :
Elizabeth Rimmer, Rose Donnelly, Andrew Caplen, Jane Martineau, Paul Bennett, Philip Rubens, Jayne Willetts, Isabel Villena, Amanda Simpson, Bronwen Still, Andrew Darnton, Gillian Bishop, Emma Manley, Carla Hoppe, Sarah Fitsell, Niamh Warnock, Samuel Jewell, Aishah Hussain and Olivia Atkinson.

Eliz And Bronwen

Anna did her 10k on deck - that's 40 laps of the walkers deck

Whilst most of the LawCare team were busy walking around St. James's Park, Green Park and Hyde Park for the London Legal Walk, Anna had a very different view for her Legal Walk from her cruise ship.

Anna Legal Walk On A Boat June 2023
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  • Bronwen And Jayne Buck Palace
  • Bronwen And Jayne
  • Eliz And Bronwen
  • Nick G, Bronwen And Jayne

We're here to listen...without judgement

Contact our free, confidential, emotional support service for the legal sector
0800 279 6888
Email our support team [email protected]

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