Seven things you should know about menopause in the workplace


We need to talk openly about menopause at work and and create an inclusive, supportive environment for everyone. This practical guide from #MenopauseMatters raises awareness and helps reduce stigma about menopause in professional settings including the legal sector.

Pexels Menopause June 2024

The Seven things you should know about menopause in the workplace guide emphasises the importance of supporting women experiencing menopause at work.

  • It highlights that menopause affects women differently, with symptoms ranging from hot flashes and fatigue to mood changes and sleep problems.
  • Many women face challenges at work due to these symptoms, which can affect their performance and wellbeing.
  • The guide calls for workplaces to create supportive environments by educating managers and colleagues, offering flexibility, and removing stigma around discussing menopause.
  • It highlights the need for employers to provide adequate support to retain experienced women in the workforce.

“Our IBA wellbeing work (and the global survey) showed a decline in wellbeing for women aged 50+. We know it is not uncommon for women in the 45-55 age group to leave the workplace as their confidence is eroded – cause by both their symptoms and by the lack of support and awareness on these issues. More must be done to understand, and support those dealing with the anxiety, physical and emotional consequences of menopause.”

Sara Carnegie (co-author of the guide)

The report aims to amplify the power of community and demonstrate what can be achieved when passionate people want to help drive change.

In the report it says:

“Last year Lucie Allen posted about her unexpected experience of perimenopause which sparked lots of support and a wave of others sharing their own experiences. Roll forward a few months and 8 women came together to hatch a plan to continue to raise awareness and to remove some of the awkwardness around what is a natural progression for women after all!  #MenopauseMatters and this guide was born.”

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