What's stopping men from speaking up about mental health?

Join our panel for a discussion about men's mental health, the barriers to seeking support and practical steps to address this.

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Read our report on Men's Mental Health in the Legal Profession

On 19th July 2022 LawCare facilitated a focus group of a diverse pool of men to discuss issues related to men's mental health as experienced within the legal community. Led by Nick Bloy of Wellbeing Republic, and with the group including barristers, partners, junior associates and in-house lawyers, the frank and open discussion gives real insight into the challenges faced by male lawyers.

About 75% of LawCare's support contacts are female, with only about 25% being male, and whilst this ratio is not unique to LawCare, we want to explore what more we could and should be doing to encourage and support a greater number of male legal professionals with their mental health. We held a focus group in July to explore these issues. We will be launching a report of its findings and recommendations for International Men's Day.

Join us on 22nd November at 1pm for this panel discussion to explore male legal professional's mental health experiences, the barriers to seeking support, and to learn about some of the steps that are already being taken to encourage men to speak up about their mental health.

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