Meet our new LawCare Champions

We'd like to welcome our new LawCare Champions. Our Champions support LawCare’s vision of a legal sector that values good mental health and where people thrive, by committing to work with us to raise awareness and generate opportunities.

We’re a small charity, with a very small staff team, so we simply couldn’t manage without our Champions. They amplify the message about why mental health matters and help us to get mental health firmly on the agenda for legal workplaces, organisations and institutions.

Helen Whiteman

We are delighted that former Trustee Helen has agreed to become a LawCare Champion, and we look forward to continuing our work with her.

“As a former Trustee of LawCare, I value and appreciate the impact they have across the legal sector at a time when mental health and wellbeing has risen in prominence.  As a Champion, I hope to continue to contribute to its invaluable work, supporting the team and helping the Board to meet their strategic aims.” 

Helen first encountered LawCare when she joined CILEx some 15 years ago. During her time there she was a member of the Legal Charities Garden Party planning committee and when she became Chief Operating Officer she continued to support the co-funding of LawCare’s important work via the professions. She then moved on to become CEO of CILEx Regulation, where she continued her relationship with LawCare, delivering the ethos and messages that LawCare promoted to increase awareness of mental health and wellbeing. Helen became a Trustee of LawCare in 2018 and took on the additional role of treasurer in 2021. She stepped down from the Board at the beginning of 2024. Helen is also a mental health first aider and continues to be a passionate supporter of our work we are delighted that she has agreed to come on board as a Champion!

Helen Whiteman

Julie Hedge

We’re thrilled to welcome Julie Hedge as a LawCare Champion.

Julie is a Legal PA at Shoosmiths, with a background as a junior legal secretary and paralegal, advocates for mental health awareness in the legal profession. Diagnosed with depression and anxiety at 18, she champions a psychologically safe work environment where authenticity and vulnerability are embraced.

“I was absolutely delighted to be approached by LawCare - Legal mental health & wellbeing charity to be one of their Champions. The work they do needs more recognition and awareness. I hope that in my role I can do just that - by sharing/giving you an insight about what they do, by signposting anyone in the legal industry that may need their help, by attending and hosting some events and by sharing my stories, knowledge and empathy so we can all unite and Be the Change.”

Julie Hedge

Jude Copeland

We'd like to welcome our new LawCare Champion Jude Copeland.

Jude is a Legal Review Manager and Associate in the Legal Technology Group of Cleaver Fulton Rankin Solicitors, Belfast. He has been a legal technology lawyer in Belfast and London for over 8 years. He is keen for the profession to both understand and reflect our diverse community so that we can better serve and advise it.

Jude is passionate about equality, diversity and inclusion. He was a founding trustee of White Ribbon NI, a male led charity to end gender-based violence and is a current trustee of PIPS Suicide Prevention Ireland. Jude is an advisor to a number of LGBTQIA+ organisations and is a frequent speaker on LGBTQIA+ issues and history.

Jude believes that trauma informed practice has the potential to make legal practice more effective and less stressful for everyone involved

"As lawyers, we are competitive and exacting. Often, we are our own harshest critics. We work through periods of extreme stress and support people during their most challenging life events.  For me, LawCare is part of the move away from stigma about poor mental health towards greater understanding and actually building robust mental wellness. I am pleased and privileged to be joining LawCare as a Champion. I am passionate about mental wellness and all things diversity and inclusion."

Jude Copeland Different Format Square (Instagram Post)

Richard Martin

We warmly welcome Richard Martin as a new LawCare Champion.

“I have been involved in mental health in the workplace generally and the legal profession in particular for many years and have always had huge admiration for the work of Lawcare. I have been proud to be a peer supporter recently. In my role leading the Mindful Business Charter and in my role with the Lord Mayor of London’s This is Me campaign I want to encourage collaboration and shared learning between all the great organisations working towards a safer and healthier profession.”

Richard runs the Mindful Business Charter and chairs the Lord Mayor of London’s This is Me campaign which uses storytelling to break down the stigma around mental illness. Richard has his own story of breakdown in the middle of a successful legal career which he told in his 2018 memoir This Too Will Pass – Anxiety in a Professional World. He is a coach and mental health first aid instructor and one of our peer supporters.

We're so pleased that Richard has joined us. 

Richard Martin

Shaheen Mamun

It's our pleasure to introduce Shaheen Mamun as a new LawCare Champion.

“Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to LawCare as a Champion. I am honoured to join the team and eager to make a meaningful impact in raising awareness for mental health and well-being, particularly within the legal profession and among individuals from BAME backgrounds.

As someone diagnosed with high functioning ADHD, I understand firsthand the challenges and stigma associated with mental health conditions. My personal journey has inspired me to advocate for greater understanding, support, and inclusivity for individuals facing similar struggles.”

Shaheen Mamun is a solicitor and co-founder of Black Antelope Law. Black Antelope Law is an initiative that brings together solicitors and barristers to drive change in the legal industry and was the first entity to be awarded for Certificate of Recognition for Wellbeing at the Bar by the BSB. Shaheen serves as a Social Mobility Ambassador for the Law Society of England and Wales and is also the Strategic Partnership lead at the Muslim Employment Charter, which aims to help employers better accommodate the needs of Muslim professionals in the workplace.

Shaheen was recognised as one of the Top 100 Influential Muslims for Championing and Celebrating Diversity and was ranked in the Top 10 for Influential Muslims in the Legal Industry. Corporate INTL Global Award. Having being diagnosed with High-Functioning ADHD, Shaheen is committed to raising awareness on mental health wellbeing in the legal professional, particularly those from a BAME background.

Shaheen Mamun

“By becoming a LawCare Champion, I aim to foster a culture of openness, acceptance, and support within the legal community. I am committed to sharing my experiences, insights, and resources to help break down barriers and promote mental health awareness and self-care practices. I believe that by coming together as a community, we can create positive change and ensure that everyone, regardless of background or diagnosis, feels valued, supported, and empowered to thrive in both their personal and professional lives. I look forward to collaborating with LawCare and my fellow Champions to advance our shared mission and make a lasting difference in the lives of those we serve.”

Shaheen Mamun

William Wilson

William graduated from Ulster University in 2018 before qualifying as a Solicitor in Northern Ireland in 2020. Working in Thompson Crooks Solicitors Real Estate Team advising on a range of property matters. Due to an early diagnosis of ADHD William strives to promote more discussions around mental health and wellbeing.

William Wilson

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