LawCare celebrates 25th anniversary

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25 years of LawCare!

This year we celebrate our 25th anniversary and we kicked off the celebrations with a party at the Royal Courts of Justice. It was a fantastic night with many of our volunteers, funders, donors and supporters in attendance including our patron the Lord Chief Justice, The Right Honourable Lord Burnett of Maldon, and the President of the Law Society of England and Wales I.Stephanie Boyce.

“As one of the independent funders and a principal founder of LawCare, the Law Society is delighted to celebrate the charity’s 25th anniversary,” said President I. Stephanie Boyce.

“When LawCare was founded in 1997, it is likely that not many people were having meaningful conversations about mental health and wellbeing at work in the profession."

"LawCare started when a group of lawyers from all areas of the profession lobbied the Law Society for independent funding to be put in place to support lawyers with alcohol addiction.

“LawCare started with the anticipation it would be helping the profession with alcohol addiction. However, it soon became clear that lawyers had other needs, so the charity developed extensive expertise in helping lawyers deal with illicit drug use, depression and stress.

“The legal profession has always been particularly at risk of mental health challenges, with distinct burnout risks posed by the nature of the work lawyers handle. It is true that the tide has turned compared to 25 years ago, but there is still work to be done.”

LawCare has supported over 10,000 people in the legal community to date.

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Celebrating in Edinburgh!

We also held an event at the Law Society of Scotland for our Scottish supporters, trustees, champions and volunteers which was a great evening.

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    Attendees at our 25th anniversary celebration at the Royal Courts of Justice

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    Founding trustees Paul Venton and Robert Venables cut the cake with trustee Bronwen Still.

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    Chair Andrew Caplen gives a speech alongside our patron the Lord Chief Justice, The Right Honourable Lord Burnett of Maldon.

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    Trustee Helen Whiteman with Legal Cheek's Alex Aldridge.

  • Lawcare RCJ June 2022 2567

    LawCare champions Paul Bennett and John Cleland

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  • Lawcare RCJ June 2022 8202
  • Lawcare RCJ June 2022 2486
  • Lawcare RCJ June 2022 2499

    Nick Bloy with our trustee Kayleigh Leonie

  • Lawcare RCJ June 2022 2471
  • Lawcare RCJ June 2022 2497
  • Lawcare RCJ June 2022 8125
  • Lawcare RCJ June 2022 2506

    Caroline Strevens, Mary Jackson, Emma Jones and Professor Richard Collier

  • Lawcare RCJ June 2022 8214
  • Lawcare RCJ June 2022 2575
  • Photo 16 06 2022, 08 09 36 (3)

    Cutting the cake at our 25th anniversary celebrations in Edinburgh

  • Photo 16 06 2022, 08 09 36 (6)

    LawCare trustees Ryan McCuaig and Heather McKendrick

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