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How we help

We offer free, confidential, emotional support, peer support, and resources to those working in the law in the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man

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We’ve been supporting legal professionals for over 25 years. We understand life in the law.

Our support service offers a safe place to talk without judgement. We’re here to listen, with helpline calls, emails and online chats answered in confidence by trained staff and volunteers who have first-hand experience of working in the law.

We are here to help all branches of the legal profession and our support spans the legal life from student to retirement.

Whether you’re a barrister feeling burnt out, a young trainee experiencing sexual harassment, an HR professional struggling with the workload, support staff worrying about a mistake you’ve made, a senior lawyer feeling like you’re being pushed out  - we’re here to help.

Our free, independent and confidential helpline is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and online live chat is available on Wednesdays. We also offer a peer support programme, and an additional support fund for those that need counselling but are unable to pay for it themselves.

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Life in the Law

Read our research into how the culture and practice of law affects wellbeing.

We promote mental health and wellbeing best practice in legal workplaces and drive culture change in education, training and practice.

Life in Law

Fit for Law

Fit for Law is a cross-jurisdictional free learning resource on emotional competence and professional resilience, developed for legal professionals.

Stories of Support

Real stories of people in the
legal community who have experienced stress, depression, anxiety and more.

  • Pexels Darya Sannikova 3021120

    How my gambling addiction drove me to pursue a legal career

    "When you’re truly addicted you enter an almost robotic state of mind; your brain is holding you hostage."

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  • AD Mountain

    How everyday adventures boost mental health

    From a fun childhood outdoors to stressful days in the legal sector, rediscovering movement improved Andy's  mental health and brought joy back into his daily life.

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  • Pexels Darius Krause 2253938

    How I coped with stress

    "I collapsed in the office mid-deal, suffering from exhaustion."

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  • Young woman sat at desk in front of a laptop looked rejected and stressed with her head in her hands.

    Let's talk about rejection

    Leanne Gibson, a newly qualified solicitor at Ramsdens Solicitors LLP, talks about the impact of rejection on aspiring junior lawyers.

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