LawCare is the mental health charity for the legal sector

Our free and confidential helpline provides emotional support and is open 9am to 5pm every weekday (except bank holidays). Call us on 0800 279 6888

We also offer training, resources and research that promotes positive change in the culture and practices of legal workplaces.

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News, events, webinars, training, press releases, research and more.

Resources for managers

The traditional view of health and safety in the workplace is evolving to include the risks to mental health and a recognition that these need to be actively managed. Have a look at our guidance for managers about improving mental health in the legal workplace.

We provide information and support to anyone in the legal community.

  • 10,000

    legal professionals have used our emotional support service to date

  • £575

    per day to run our support service

  • 142

    volunteers support us in our work

The LawCare vision is a legal community that values good mental health and wellbeing, where people thrive.

LawCare's 2023 impact report

10 reasons to contact LawCare for support


We’re here to listen, without judgement.

Contact us for free, confidential emotional support on 0800 279 6888, email us or chat to us online

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Your stories

Real stories of people in the legal community who have experienced stress, depression, anxiety and more.

  • Shutter Stock Bought July 2024

    How I coped with occupational burnout

    Eric's story shows how recognising and addressing occupational burnout is crucial for mental health in the legal sector. He shares his journey and coping strategies, highlighting the importance of self-awareness and seeking support.

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  • AD Mountain

    How everyday adventures boost mental health

    From a fun childhood outdoors to stressful days in the legal sector, rediscovering movement improved Andy's  mental health and brought joy back into his daily life.

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  • Pexels Tima Miroshnichenko 6694920 Cropped

    My world fell apart when I was diagnosed as autistic

    Reading an article about an autistic law student led one LawCare volunteer to realise they might be autistic too. The diagnosis process was emotionally draining, and work became even more challenging with forced disclosure and lack of support. Despite the challenges, they see a positive side to their journey.

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  • Pexels Darya Sannikova 3021120

    How my gambling addiction drove me to pursue a legal career

    "When you’re truly addicted you enter an almost robotic state of mind; your brain is holding you hostage."

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